The main partners of The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce are listed below:

  • The Polish Chamber of Commerce,
    which is the largest institution of the economic government in Poland. It associates over 130 economic organizations joining about 300 thousands of national enterprises. It organizes and supports every actions in aid of the development and raising of the competitiveness of Polish economy and in this respect it evaluates the national and local authorities’ actions. The Chamber represents Polish entrepreneurs’ interests in relations with The RP President, Parliament and government, among others, through the endorsement of the legal acts’ projects concerning economy. It supports the entrepreneurship based on high ethic standards and fair competitiveness, promotes the brand-made products, but also organizes courses and trainings. It is a member of The Association of European Trade and Industry Chambers EUROCHAMBERS, which consists of European economic chambers and International Commerce Chamber (ICC) in Paris.
  • The Polish Agency of Enterprise Development.
    This Agency is designed to implement the programmes of economic development, mainly concerning the assistance for small and medium enterprises’ development, export, the regional development, the use of modern techniques and technology, creating new vacancies, counteraction of the unemployment and the human recourses development. the agency’s responsibility is to manage the funds from the national and EU budgets, which are designed to support the entrepreneurship and human resources development, considering mainly the requirements of small and medium enterprises. The PAED is also one of the institutions which are responsible for the implement of the actions financed by the structural finance.
  • The General Management for The European Committee’s Enterprise 
    is responsible for the issues referring to the creation of friendly environment for the entrepreneurship’s development, including programming of the enterprises’ innovativeness. The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce cooperates with The General Management within the confines of running the Euro Info Centre.
  • The Office for German – Polish economic relations.
    The Office is responsible for initiating and supporting the cooperative contacts between small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the Lichtenberg District and Polish companies. the overriding aim is cross-border cooperation of the enterprises from Berlin – Lichtenberg with companies in Poland reaching to the development of joint services and production, if at all possible.
  • The Swiętokrzyski Office of the Marshal
    – The Department is one of the organization units of The Swiętokrzyskie Local Government. It is also an auxiliary unit for the fulfilment of the Province Marshal’s responsibilities as well as The Board’s and The Regional Parliament. The Regional Parliament depicts the province development’s strategy, including mainly Polish customs fostering and the development of national, civic and cultural awareness of the inhabitants as well as fostering and developing of local awareness, stimulating economic activity, raising the level of competitiveness and creativity of the province economy, preservation of the cultural and natural environments’ value, considering the future generations’ needs, shaping and preserving of the spatial order.

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