The Authorities

Board of Directors 

The board of The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce consists of five people, including:

  • President,
  • Vice-president,
  • Treasurer,
  • two Members of The Board

The Boards’ responsibilities:

  • The Chamber’s President manages the Board’s actions and chairs its sessions
  • The Chamber’s President represents the Chamber outside
  • The President is entitled to the power of veto concerning the acts and decisions of the Board which the President considers to be against law or the Statute
  • The President has the exclusive right to make a motion for the liquidation of the Chamber
  • The President or the Vice-president in authority represents the Board at the Chamber’s Chief Council sessions
  • Direct performance of the Chamber’s statutory actions is included in the Board’s Office responsibilities
  • The Board’s Office with all its actions is subordinate to the Board
  • The Board’s Office is managed by the Chamber’s Director
  • The Board’s Office Director is the manager of all the Chamber’s Office’s employees
  • The Manager of the Office Director is the Board’s Secretary or the Chamber’s President
  • The Board’s Office Director takes advisory part at the Board’s sessions
  • The Board may create the Chamber’s departments if it is justified by the member’s number in the particular area
  • The Board supervises indirectly the action of the separated units. The Board may hand over its supervisory entitlement to the Boards of Supervisors appointed by the Board itself.

Chief Council 

The Chief Council consists of 7-9 members appointed by the Chamber’s members present at The General Chamber Assembly. The Chief Council’s responsibilities:

  • Endorsement of the annual reports of the Board between The General Chamber Assemblies
  • Approval of the annual budget of the incomes and outcomes
  • Dismissal of individual members of the Board and Auditing Committee due to their absence at 3 consecutive sessions or, in case of the Board, at 50% assemblies during four-month periods
  • Appointment of the Board’s and Auditing Committee’s members in place of the dismissed members, in adequate consultation with the President or The Auditing Committee’s Chairman
  • Approval of the Board’s motion for the deletion of the member from the Chamber’s membership list
  • Adoption or rejection of the President’s veto
  • Conferring of the honorary membership on the Board’s request
  • Appointment of the chief auditor
  • The Chamber’s Chief Council establishes the rules of good trading practices and submits them at The General Chamber Assembly

Auditing Committee 

The Auditing Committee consists of five members:

  • the Chairman
  • two Vice-Chairmen
  • the Committee members

The Auditing Committee’s responsibilities:

  • Presentation of the comments and motions concerning the Chamber’s activity,
  • Submission of the report of its activity and financial control’s results at the General Chief Assembly and presentation of the motion concerning granting the Board the vote of approval
  • In the years when The General Chamber Assemblies are not summoned The Auditing Committee presents the results of its activity to The Chief Council

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