Consultation Agency

Consultation Agency (CA) operates within the confines of The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The Agency offers free of charge information services for small and medium enterprises. The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce possesses the implemented quality assurance system confirmed by the certificate as well as the accreditation of The National Services System for Small and Medium Enterprises. Free of charge information services are available for:

  • small and medium entrepreneurs (in accordance with the act of November 19, 1999, The Law of Economic Activity, The Official Journal of Law of 1999. 101, item 1178)
  • the support provided for the entrepreneur by Consultation Agency is de minimis assistance

CA consultants offer the services in:

  • Information on the auxiliary projects for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) realized from the resources of Polish government and the PHARE programme, in particular on the possibility and rules of using the supportive instruments for SMEs available in The Polish Agency of Entrepreneurship Development (PAED) as well as The Regional Financing Institution (RFI)
  • Assistance in the choice of the accredited contractor for the services realized within the confines of the auxiliary instruments of the PHARE programme, establishing the services range offered by the accredited contractor as well as the preparation of the contract with the accredited contractor
  • Help to prepare the application for the subsidy or support within the confines of the instruments of the PHARE programme and other available resources
  • Simple advisory and information services connected to administration and legal aspects of running the economic activity and the management of enterprises (counselling in the field of law, marketing, finance and taxes, production and others)
  • Information on the financing offer available on the market. This information regards mainly the bank offer designed for the SME sector (loan / credit conditions, interest rate and crediting, the use, the insurance type, etc.) as well as other financial institutions – leasing companies, guarantee, credit and capital funds, etc.
  • Information on the possibility of gaining more complicated, demanding more time engagement from the expert, paid (or partly paid) services available in the chain of NSS (National Services System) as well as the services offered by the institutions which are not associated in NSS
  • Information on the procedures concerning the foundation of your own economic activity.

Consultation Agency opens from Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. in the seat of The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Sienkiewicz Street (the 4th floor).  

We would like to invite you to use our services.   

Information provided by 
Jarosław Bator
Manager of Consultation Agency
tel.: 41 344 43 92
fax.: 41 344 43 92

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